Cyber Aware Cyber Secure

Cyber Aware Cyber Secure is a public campaign by HomeFront Cyber to raise awareness of cyber security issues and threats to residential home users and small businesses by providing free presentations and information resources to organizations, groups, and clubs in the area we serve. Organizations can request presentations on Home User Cyber Security, Small Business Cyber Security, or Protecting Children Online.

All of our presentations are free and include free information brochures on cybersecurity from the Federal Trade Commission with contributions from the Department Of Homeland Security’s Stop. Think. Connect. Public campaign and information from the Center for International Cyber Intelligence.

Request A Presentation

For more information on our Cyber Aware Cyber Secure campaign or to request a presentation for your organization or group, contact us and help Spread Cyber Security Awareness to be Cyber Secure!

Operation Cyber Guardian

In July 2019 HomeFront Cyber launched our Operation Cyber Guardian – Protecting Children Online campaign as part of Cyber Aware Cyber Secure to spread awareness of threats to children when they are using the internet.

Cyber Aware Cyber Secure Coalition and Partners

Every organization who requests one of our free presentations becomes a Cyber Aware Cyber Secure Coalition Partner in the effort to spread awareness of cyber security threats for a safer internet.

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

HomeFront Cyber also participates in National Cybersecurity Awareness Month as an NCSAM Champion with the National Cyber Security Alliance. NCSAM is a national campaign to spread awareness of cyber security issues.